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About the Garden

The garden was created to be a place of peace and growth for our local veteran community. Whiles scars may remain, minds and hearts can heal surrounded by generations of veterans and their families who share in the same appreciation of camaraderie and service. At the garden, we honor the past by taking those hardships and plant them in the ground to grow into new beginnings and friendships. 

Who We Are

The Garden is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping veterans with the struggles that can find them. We continue to grow thanks to the support of the city of Caldwell who saw the need and donated the land for this place of healing. From building wheel chair ramps, replacing furniture, or just being present for a veteran in crisis, for the past 8 years, the garden has proved time and time again, the veteran comes first.


About the Boxes

At the garden you will find raised garden beds each unique with a plaque on the front dedicated to a service member. These boxes may be sponsored by the businesses or individuals community and given to the friends and family of a veteran they would like to honor or tended by the sponsor. Each year, the family can tend to the garden while sharing the memories of their loved one.

Why We Do it

Our founder Danny Pugmire is a veteran himself who knows all to well the hardships and darkness that comes with raising your right hand. After over coming so much and finding comfort in "putting the crap in your head in the dirt and watching it grow into something beautiful" he dedicated himself to not only helping every veteran he finds in need, but also creating a place for what has now been dubbed by our patrons as "dirt therapy". Many have come whether to tend a garden bed of a loved one lost, or simply to surround themselves with the support of the community. The garden has been and continues to be a place for healing and growth in mind and spirit. 


The gardens beauty and history are a testament to the amazing community we live in and their support for our veterans. From planting seeds, harvesting and donating produce or volunteering for a garden event, there is always somewhere to help!

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