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Marbles Introduction

My name is Marisa McCarter. I served in Charlie Med in the 145th Support Battalion of the 116th Brigade Combat Team. In 2019 I was asked to share the story of my friendship with Carrie French. Despite all the years it was still something I struggled to talk about, but Carrie is absolutely someone who needs to be remembered and shared. I also had always wished my grandpa had written down the amazing stories he used to tell me from WWII. So, I asked if I could write them down. I read my old journals and spoke with a few colleagues and with some help from my husband, I wrote Marbles. I first shared with Carrie's mother to make sure it was ok and was met with love and support. Next, I shared with the artist, Benjamin Victor, and my friends supporting me, Mitzi Cheldelin and Dan and June Pugmire. The amount of love and support I received was life changing. Truly. I even had a news reporter come to my house on Christmas day to talk about my story! I had gone almost 14 years thinking I was alone in my thoughts, not sharing I was a veteran or daring to even ask for the discount at Home Depot. Suddenly a weight was lifted. After that, we decided it was finally time to honor our local hero and the unique friendship experienced between those who served. So with that, I share my story with you and also encourage you to share your own. You are not alone, and if you think you are, come visit the garden, where you truly can heal and grow.



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